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New Chef at Hunter's Tavern at the Tidewater Inn

May 05, 2010 05:03PM ● By Anonymous


 It probably didn’t take dusty black-and-white photos retrieved from the attic to demonstrate that the wannabe-urban look of Restaurant Local was ill-suited for Easton.

“They remodeled the room and took it away from the fancy décor and the contemporary stuff,” Shiley said. “Now we’re serving the terrapin soup that the tavern used to be famous for, and I’m bringing over my cream of crab recipe. We’re getting back to traditional Eastern Shore fare.”

Shiley plans to introduce a formal brunch in two weeks after hosting a brunch buffet on Mother’s Day. He says they’ll take a look at some of the famous taverns like the Old Ebbitt Grill to come up with brunch items to go along with standbys like eggs Benedict and smoked salmon.