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Power Lunch: India's

Jun 02, 2010 06:52PM ● By Anonymous

What we got: At a table for two at the window looking out to bustling West Street and Park Place, we were one of two lunch parties, so the decibel level was remarkably low (a good thing). We both opted for the lunch buffet consisting of several Indian specialties. We started with a side order of naan bread and mango chutney. The bread is baked fresh and tasted so; the chutney ran a little thin to be honest and too sweet, which is tough to say about a chutney, but there we were with a runny, overwhelmingly sweet chutney. Oh well, onto the buffet.

Both James and Andy dipped into the long-grained, jasmine rice, before topping it with various selections. James enjoyed the chicken “tikka masala” dish, which consisted of chunky breast meat in a light cream sauce and cooked with garlic, tomato, and onion. He also got tastes of a spicy lamb chorizo/chicken dish, chick peas with nutmeg and coriander, and what could best be described as an Indian version of ratatouille. Crisp papadam bread topped with a spicy green chili/cilantro-based sauce (best guess here) found room on the plate. All was enjoyed by James, with one exception; the one piece of lamb chorizo was very gamey in taste and had awkward texture. Not a pleasing bite. Everything else was simply remarkable.

What we paid: Total for two came in at $30.55, plus a $6 tip, which is generous considering we helped ourselves 90 percent of the meal, sans water and naan/chutney delivery. But, we were in a good mood.

How long it took: When you serve yourself from a buffet, you’d better be a quick and efficient eater during a lunch break; our meal clocked in at a 1/2 hour.

The verdict: Above average. You’ll enjoy many flavors out of the norm here and certainly get your money’s worth, but a few bites were turn-offs.