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Brique coming to downtown Centreville

Jun 09, 2010 07:11PM ● By Anonymous

Inzer and Fairbanks also own Kitchen 137 in downtown Annapolis, and something called Capital Culinaire that evades description. Its website says only “coming soon,” and I can’t locate any other information on it. Obviously, I’ll ask Inzer and Fairbanks for more information when I speak to them. [Update: Capital Culinaire is Inzer and Fairbanks' catering venture. With their new-found foothold on the Eastern Shore, they intend to expand its presence there.]

Dolan is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City. He’s brandished his classical French techniques in notable NYC restaurants Dock’s Oyster Bar and the London Hotel NYC, where he worked under reality-show jerk and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

Stop me if you’ve heard this:

Dolan plans to offer an evolving menu of new American cuisine composed through classical French techniques.

I don’t have a problem with the approach. In fact, it’s probably my favorite style of cooking, but it’s certainly increasingly common. Next thing I know, he’ll be planning to emphasize seasonal ingredients and boutique beers. (Again, two things I like, but two things that continue to spread with the tenacity of You Tube videos of Justin Bieber.)

Making use of lighter sauces and vinaigrettes in the place of heavy creams, Dolan’s entrée menu will—wait for it—use local ingredients as much as possible. He plans to utilize Bluefish, which he says is under-used in the area. His signature crab and corn chowder will be made with local silver queen corn, and says diners can also expect oyster, pork belly, veal, and beef cheek dishes along with sweetbreads.

The name, “Brique,” simply enough, means brick in French. It’s inspired by the original exposed brick wall in the dining room.

The owners and chef see Brique as a future destination restaurant for the Mid-Atlantic region that will also cater to Centrevillians. Expect them to host tastings and other food and wine events regularly.