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Gimmick Packs Grand Opening of Cadillac Ranch

Jun 11, 2010 07:23PM ● By Anonymous



Apparently every human in Annapolis is a VIP at Cadillac Ranch. The line to get into their event wrapped around the block and down to Whole Foods. Once in, it was a mixed crowd with hardly any breathing room, no food or drink to nosh on. If you wanted to sample their best . . . well, you had to pay for it.

I know a lot of folks out there, will say, "Woe is you, who goes to a VIP event and actually has to pay for something." And that's fine and dandy to think, but the fact is the hoopla was nothing more than an elaborate gimmick to pack the house with paying customers. That's all it was. There was nothing VIP about it. Nada, zilch, zip.

I'm actually looking forward to going back when things have settled down to get a good table, hopefully decent wait service, and a relaxing meal. Just then might I actually feel like a real VIP.