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Comfort Food but Noisy at Nando's Peri-Peri

Jun 22, 2010 07:36PM ● By Anonymous

The portions are generous and platters are served family style. Known for their chicken, served with your choice of side dishes, you also get to select how spicy you'd like your bird. We went for medium heat and selected mashed potatoes and crushed peas. I loved the peas. They were delicious. Bright green and crisp, they were full of flavor that balanced the spiciness of the chicken and texture of the potatoes.

Nano's serves Afro-Portuguese cuisine and first opened in 1987 in a small suburb outside Johannesburg, South Africa. As someone who grew up summering in a Portuguese American community and was married to a Portuguese American; I did not detect a strong Portuguese influence in the spicing of the dishes or the menu. The hummus, recommended by our server was delicious, but isn't hummus a Middle Eastern dish? Lynn was impressed by the colossal olives. We both enjoyed the chicken, even if it was a bit difficult to carve,  but I think that had something to do with our small table ie. not enough elbow room.

Our meal was a perfect selection for a cold rainy day. It was satisfying and filling, a little too filling because today is hot and humid. I should have ordered a salad. They do have plenty of sandwiches and salad on the menu but we wanted to try what they are famous for preparing. So we had to bring a fair amount of what we ordered home/ (I'm sure my daughter will really love the olives!) Perhaps I'll try dining at Nando's again at a time when there are less patrons in the restaurant and the pace is a bit less hectic. The food is good and it deserves to be savored.