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Fast Food Sushi? Kinda, Sorta, Really, Good

Jun 23, 2010 07:40PM ● By Anonymous
I heard the word that a new take-out sushi joint opened at the Westfield Annapolis Mall recently, in the food court space vacated by that pretty-decent-but-not-too-creative salad shop that served the freshest/healthiest food available in said food court (healthy in a food court is probable cause for it's failure). But I digress. So the new sushi spot is named Sarku Japan, which is the "is the largest and most successful Japanese Quick Service (QSR) operator in the United States, with a rapidly growing network of over 200 restaurants in 37 states," as stated on it's website. And you know what? It was actually decent, even delish. There are about nine meal options with various sashimi and sushi roll combo deals and a variety of bento boxes with chicken, fish, or beef at their core. Overall, my experience was fast, tasty, and healthy, having ordered a simple sushi combo with four pieces of sashimi (raw tuna, salmon) and a small, six piece California roll. Throw in a lemonade and my grand total was $9. Not bad. And honestly, because the sushi is made-to-order it tastes fresh and the texture is appropriately moist and sticky; unlike sushi purchased from the cold case at the local supermarket. No, you won't get creative touches that set apart high quality sushi restaurants from the masses, but the flavor was all there and each bite was worth the money spent.