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Power Lunch: Waterman's Tavern a ringer!

Jun 25, 2010 07:46PM ● By Anonymous



What we got: We went into this lunch with average expectations and left singing praise. Waterman's is not pretentious; it's downright local with huge upside. The recently renovated space is quaint, yet very comfortable. The bar tables and stools sit you high, the decibel level is low (classic rock offers bob-your-head along ambiance; the volume knob set to medium-low). A glance around the tavern reveals Chesapeake decor--strings of crab pot buoys here, a dip net there--rounded out with sports paraphernalia (Redskins nation baby!), several large flat screens (a several mini flats next to each table!) playing sports, a couple classic arcade games, and a daily specials chalkboard that will get your lips smackin'. We started off ordering a couple remarkable brews from the excellent beer list, which--if memory serves me correct--featured approximately 94 beers (mostly bottled). I opted for the Evolution Exile ESB and we started with the crab pretzel for a hearty app. We noted that the crab dip topping on the jumbo soft pretzel was a bit spicy two bites in. No matter, the beer washed it down well. For our mains, we tried the Rockfish Tacos and concurred that they are top-notch fare you'd likely find in San Diego (where the fish tacos craze started). The rockfish was moist and blackened with zinging seasoning and matched to fresh pico de gallo (tomato/red onion/cilantro), a light aioli, and set in soft tortillas (crisp taco shells also an option).

We also took big bites of the Mahi-Mahi signature sandwich. It too featured a blackened filet of fresh fish served on a kaiser roll with said aioli, iceberg lettuce, red onion, and slice of red tomato. It was awesome! There's no other way to really describe it. Both dishes were paired with Russet-potato boardwalk style fries (though there are several side options to choose from). Props to Waterman's for having malt vinegar tableside; nice touch. Overall we couldn't have been more happy to find choice food and cozy environs.

What we paid: Our grand total (tax and tip included) checked in at $50 even. The beers were the most expensive we could have ordered, and did we really need the crab pretzel appetizer? Probably not. But we sure as heck enjoyed our meal.

How long it took: Service was spot on and friendly, the food came out fast. We spent about 40 minutes inside, with 15-minute drives tacked on, front and back.

The verdict: Rock on! Like I said at the top, we left singing Waterman's praises. Totally enjoyed our meal there, and we hardly dipped into their thorough menu, which appears to have been well thought out. Good job gang, we'll be back!