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Power Lunch: Pauls' Homewood Cafe a Safe Bet

Jul 08, 2010 08:48PM ● By Anonymous


What we got: After our waiter promptly delivered our ice teas, we heard the daily specials and knew what we wanted immediately. We both opted for a cup of the cream of crab soup, a special this day, which was thicker than it probably should have been. It really stuck to the spoon (and our ribs); not as smooth as some of the best versions we've enjoyed in the past. And where was the sherry? There was none and none was offered. It's saving grace, however, were huge, plump morsels of lump crab with springy-soft, delicate texture that only blue crab can offer. After the hearty opening, we enjoyed our mains; a scallop quesadilla, which was one of the specials,  with fresh pico de gallo and spicy mayo (an attempt at aioli?) and Chicken Corfu, a filling dish consisting of grilled chunks of chicken, feta cheese, olives, and house-made marinara sauce, served over a bed of linguini. Both dishes were simple and delicious; the kind of fare that you could probably make at home, but are willing to pay a modest price for when out. Baby scallops were the obvious star of the quesadilla, which was cooked crisply right. In the bowl of Corfu, the chicken exhibited the perfect grilling that's a hallmark of Paul's (many of their dishes feature grilled meats). The portions were large, leaving us full and with leftover lunch for the next day.

What we paid: Altogether with tax and tip, just under $45. Our power lunch cap is set to $50, so this came in reasonably, though a touch higher than we probably should spend. But for a once-a-week outing, this is fair.

How long it took: Lucky us being so darn close to Paul's. We were in/out within 35 minutes flat. No joke. Service was on point (though I still would have liked to have been offered sherry for my cream of crab soup).

The verdict: Quality food, safe flavors, safe prices. You're not going to get very exotic or mind blowing flavor at Paul's (though several of their Greek specialties approach the divine). But you'll most certainly enjoy quality ingredients cooked perfectly and served in ample portions, making Paul's a solid pick for lunch or even a quaint dinner.