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First things first: Choosing a wedding date

Jul 29, 2010 07:50PM ● By Anonymous


Our date was selected when the venue we chose (We'll get into that whole process later) only had one Saturday left in April. Strangely enough it was April 30 -- the date that I, for no reason, picked in my mind as a top contender. That sealed the deal.

But for many brides, picking a date is more difficult than just pointing to a place on the calendar. Let's take a look at some things you should consider:

  • What day of the week is it? Saturdays are particularly popular, just because it's the most convenient. However, brides sometimes opt for a Friday or Sunday wedding. This can be a less expensive alternative, and might work out for couples whose guests are mostly local. However, consider how difficult it will be for your Cousin Jimmy, who works until 5 p.m. in a town 4 hours away, to get to your wedding at 7 p.m. on a Friday. You have to think about what is convenient for your guests, too.

  • Does the date have any significant meaning? Getting married on the anniversary of your grandparent's wedding or the day you two first met brings a special meaning to the date.

  • Is it around a holiday? Choosing a date near a holiday can be good or bad. The Saturday of Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend gives you (and your guests) more time to celebrate because people typically don't head back until work until Tuesday. However, travel expenses can be higher at this time of the year, and accommodations in popular locations -- especially if you are getting married in Ocean City or a Delaware beach -- books up way in advance.

    Around other holidays, certain aspects might be more expensive. On New Year's Eve, DJs or bands will charge a premium for their talents. Around Valentine's Day, don't bother trying to use roses unless you're willing to pay a pretty penny. Near Mother's Day, all flowers will probably have an upcharge -- if your florist can even find the time to schedule you into their calendar.

    However, if you have a special attachment to the romance of Valentine's Day or long to honor your mother by getting married the day before Mother's Day, then don't let any of this concern you.

  • What season do you like? Certain seasons lend themselves to different colors, foods, flowers and the overall feeling of the event. If you want to serve hot chocolate and peppermint sticks as part of dessert, then getting married in July doesn't make any sense. Don't get too hung up on the color aspect (says the bride who is having a burgundy-and-black wedding in late April), but do take the overall tone of the season into account when choosing a date.

  • Can the important people attend? Make sure you don't schedule your wedding during your future mother-in-law's annual two-week vacation to Florida or when the best man has a work conference in New York City. Check with the following people:
    • The groom (Naturally!)
    • Your parents
    • His parents
    • The bridal party
    • Your siblings
    • Any near and dear friends who family whose attendance is vital to you.

With any luck, you'll be able to find at least one day that suits your needs!