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"Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta"

Aug 04, 2010 08:31PM, Published by Anonymous, Categories:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Say Yes to the Dress, it originated as a 30-minute reality show that takes place in Kleinfelds in New York City, a well-known bridal salon specializing in upscale wedding dresses. They have a staff of female consultants that work with two or three brides during the course of the half-hour, plus a fabulous male fashion consultant, Randy, who always seems to know exactly which dress the bride should wear. Here's a clip:

I've always loved the show, even though basically all of the dresses they show are way out of my budget. From what I've seen, even if someone did come in with a low budget, the consultants did their best to work with the bride and not belittle her.

However, the first clip I saw from the Atlanta show was titled "Champagne on a Beer Budget," and it left a bad taste in my mouth. The consultants at the Atlanta boutique, Bridals by Lori, were aghast that a bride only wanted to spend $1,500 on a dress -- so far as to tell her that she would not find what she wanted with that paltry budget.

I have no gripes with people who want to spend thousands of dollars on their wedding dress -- there was a gorgeous Paloma Blanca dress I wanted that cost $2,000. I decided, however, that it didn't make sense for me to spend $2k on a dress I would wear for an evening. I was lucky, though, that no bridal consultant I went to gave me grief when I told them what I wanted to spend. If they had, I proably would have turned around and walked out -- and this makes me hesitant to watch Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.

What do you think? Will you watch the new show?


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