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Dockside Caribbean Party at Watermen's Crab House

Aug 05, 2010 09:41PM ● By Anonymous


On Aug. 13-15, Watermen's Crab House participates in (and I'm completely serious when I say this) Rock Halls' Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend. However, for what seems like a tantalizing name, the event looks to be pretty mild, at least at Watermen's -- a special lunch menu, live "pirate" music (what does that mean?) and guest performers all day on Saturday and Sunday. Outside Watermen's, there are some cool things, such as a rum tasting from 5-7 p.m. with three shots for $10 at Bay Wolf Restaurant.

The weekend is topped with the third annual Buccaneer's Ball from 8 p.m.-midnight Saturday, Aug. 14. It features entertainers such as The Brigands, Lizard Creek, Pyrates Royale, and Sea Rates Atlantic. Dance to The Blank Thompson band and participate in "piratical" activites (Again, what does that mean?)