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Complimentary birthday dinner at The Chop House

Aug 09, 2010 09:56PM ● By Anonymous

Did you know you can receive a complimentary birthday dinner at The Chop House in Annapolis? This is quite interesting to me because my birthday just so happens to be on Friday.

The deal is this: Come in on your birthday with a valid ID, and they'll discount your bill, according to the nice woman I spoke with on the reservations line. If there are two of you dining, the food portion of your bill will be discounted 50 percent; if there's three of you, it will be 33 percent off; four of you and they'll take 25 percent off, and so on.

After looking at the restaurant's menu, I think the lobster ravioli with shrimp and scallops scampi is calling to me...or perhaps the pepper and coriander-crusted tuna? Oh dear, I just can't decide.

- Kelsey Collins,