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A damask wedding

Aug 12, 2010 09:05PM ● By Anonymous

A while after I made this decision, something happened in the wedding world: Damask became really, really trendy. In other words, the bandwagon jumped on my wedding decor. I'm not really one for being trendy, so when I finally got engaged, I decided I wasn't going to use damask. After all, I didn't want my wedding to be lumped in with all those other weddings.

Then, I realized that I just wasn't excited with the wedding colors I had chosen (burgundy, black and champagne) without the element of black and white damask. As I drooled over pictures of damask wedding elements on various websites, I got over myself. Who cared if the main decorative element in my wedding is "trendy?" I know that I decided on it long before I saw it pop up wedding websites, and that's all that really matters.

Moral of the story? Don't get too hung up on trends. If you like a trend, don't ignore it just because it's a trend. If you don't like a trend, don't feel obligated to us it just because it's popular. Make your wedding the one you'll be happy with it.

So what types of damask items am I looking at? Here are a samples of a few products that might show up at my wedding (Click on the link below the picture if you're interested in purchasing one, too):

Damask cupcake stand. Mine would be lined with burgundy ribbon.

'I Do' letters for either the cake table or the gift table

Wine table numbers. Love 'em.

Burgundy and damask card box

Satin damask runner for the guests' tables