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...and a sixpence in your shoe

Aug 30, 2010 09:58PM ● By Anonymous

Brides no longer have to wear plain white or ivory satin shoes with their wedding dresses—there are so many great, fun options out there these days that glam up your wedding day ensemble. Check out these two pictures from Annapolis photographer Vivian Smith at Sapphire Studios:

How cool are these?

Sapphire Studio

On my wedding day, I want to wear something a little sassy—my dress has a dark red sash, and my bridesmaids will be wearing burgundy. After seeing a friend rock some hot pink high heels on her wedding day, I wanted to wear some awesome dark red heels. However, I am a picky, picky shoe-buyer. So now I need you all to help me select which shoes I should purchase. I have about five or six pairs I'm currently looking at. Price, heel height and comfort are all factors here. My fiance is 6'6", so I'm not really concerned about being taller than him, but I am concerned about falling flat on my face while teetering down the aisle in 4.5-inch heels.

So what do you think?

Shoes by: Collen Sandal

Shoes by: Dolce


Shoes by: Maison

Shoes by: Nina

Shoes by: Natural Wonder

If I were really sassy, I'd go with these bad boys:

Shoes by: Nine West

However ... I don't think I'm that sassy. What are your thoughts? Do you have any other recommendations?