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Working Lunch: Jimmie & Sook's in Cambridge

Nov 03, 2010 08:08PM ● By Anonymous

What we ordered: As you can probably tell my the name, the restaurant specializes in seafood, mostly crab. The soup of the day was Cream of Crab, and I just couldn't resist trying a cup ($3.50) The soup was creamy and rich, with plenty of lump crab meat.

Jimmy and Sook's gets plenty of seafood from local sources. The crab meat that I was tasting in my soup came from Hooper's Island, while the oysters come from the Nanticoke River, the clams from Chincoteague.

Tony and I were really hungry, so we opted to split an appetizer and settled on the chicken quesadilla ($5.95). The dish was substantial, packed with oozing cheese and chicken—it could have been a full meal for one person.

I was eager to try out more of the restaurant's crab, so I ordered the crabcake sandwich ($10.95), which came with French fries. The crabcake was filled with large pieces of crabmeat and no discernable filler. Both Tony and I were happy with the fries, which were well-seasoned with large flakes of salt and cracked black pepper. Because he's not a fan of crab, Tony opted for the restaurant's cheesesteak ($6.95) It was a great portion size (as opposed to typical restaurant portions, which leave you unable to move afterwards), and topped with fresh, thick-cut tomatoes.

The total: For the quality of the food Jimmie & Sook's offered, the food was incredibly priced. The total was less than $30 for soup, appetizer, and two lunch entrees.

The timing: The restaurant was suprisingly busy for a Tuesday afternoon, but it didn't phase the two waitresses working the dining room. We didn't have to rush in and out due to our work schedule, but it would have been easy to speed things up, if necessary.

The verdict: If someone came to me looking for a good, reasonably priced place to eat while they were in Cambridge, I would be happy to recommend Jimmie & Sook's. The staff was friendly, the food was great, and the check wasn't expensive—all in all, it's just what we're looking for from a working lunch.