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Five New Books Recently Released By Local Authors

Nov 10, 2010 04:42PM ● By Anonymous

“The Rock Creek Shaman” by Joyce Edelson, is a novel written for young adults that takes its name from Rock Creek Park where young War-ne-la Medici lives with her parents. Not your usual teenager, War-ne-la Medici has vivid dreams that give her insights about people and events. Her mother is of the British Columbian Kwakiutl tribe and her father is part Australian Aborigine. Will she find a way to use her visionary gifts to help heal others and achieve justice? Edelson has done extensive research in creating this story that interweaves the folktales of the Kwakiutl tribe and the Australian Aborigines. This book is available via the author’s website at

“Boston Scream Pie, A Paco & Molly Mystery “ by Rosemary & Larry Mild, is a fast-paced detective story that seeks to find the answers to several unsolved murders as well as uncover the reason behind a high school student’s nightmares about a car accident on a snowy night that ended in death. Paco Le Soto is a dapper retired detective who solves crimes assisted by his clever wife and gourmet cook , Molly. This is the third book in their series and is another page turner. A trade paperback, this book is available online and in major book stores.

“Receive Me Falling” by Erika Robuck, also involves an automobile accident. In this case it is the protagonist’s parents who die in a car crash on the night of her engagement party. Their death sets in motion a series of events that cause Meghan Owen to call off the wedding, leave her job in Annapolis and head to her family’s homestead, a sugar plantation on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean. A mixture of historical romance and mystery, this 266 page is available online from major booksellers and in stores as well as directly from the author at

“Fathers of Tomorrow” by Carl E. Burke, like “Receive Me Falling,” is a novel that starts in the present and takes the reader back in time. The time period is 1655 and the action starts out in St. Mary’s City and includes indentured servants, Indians, pirates, ship captains, and noblemen. Rich in historical detail this 255 page paperback is available from, and at bookstores.

“Chesapeake Winds and Tides: Journeys Among Eastern Shore Islands, Rivers and Communities “ by Don Parks, who writes about his experience navigating the curving rivers and waterways of Maryland’s Eastern Shore making new friends and learning about area history and lore. The 258 page paperback is available at and at local bookstores.