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A History of Waterman, Sails, & Midshipman

Nov 10, 2010 04:50PM ● By Anonymous

Leafing through the four chapters titled: From Waterfront Wilderness to City Dock, The Waterman; Annapolis Frontiersmen, Water Roads to Pleasure Boating, and Annapolis in Wartime and The United States Naval Academy—it’s hard not to be intrigued by stories about log canoes, schooners, and steam ships. Read about how during the War of 1812 deep draft British warships abandoned their chase for local privateers up the bay’s rivers for fear of running aground or the acquisition of land by the Federal government for the U.S. Naval Academy during its first 50 years by purchasing one waterfront parcel of land at a time. “All individual acquisitions large and small had to be approved by Congress, “ writes Williams, “ and the request for Hell’s Point was approved with a stroke of a congressional pen in March 1899 based largely on the vivid description by the officer in charge of buildings and grounds.”


Whether you have lived in Annapolis for two or twenty years, William’s book provides easy access to the charms of living in our small water front City. One hundred and twenty five pages in length, the attractive paperback illustrated with historical photos published by The History Press is available at local bookstores and online at