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The Defector

Nov 10, 2010 05:19PM ● By Anonymous

International intrigue, revenge, justice, and love-all the elements of a great book-as well as a picturesque description of many parts of the world, make it a compelling book.

The plot involves a previous protagonist in Silva's books. Gabriel Allon, an assassin for Israeli Intelligence and an art restorer, is honeymooning in Italy and restoring a painting for the Pope when he learns that his friend Grigori Bulganov, an ex-Russian intelligence operative, and defector (ergo the title), has been abducted off a London street.

He rejoins forces with former allies in the CIA, MI-5 and MI-6, as well as his Israeli Intel team, to find out what happened to Grigori.  Their investigation leads them directly to Ivan Khakov, an amoral, Stalinesque Russian thug and arms dealer who seeks revenge on Gabriel and Grigori for the loss of his wife and children a year earlier.

The hunt for him, and all the ins, outs, and snags involved make this book a must-read.