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All the Queen's Players

Nov 10, 2010 06:08PM ● By Anonymous

Washington D.C. resident Feather, a New York Times bestselling author, spins a tale of historical fiction that maintained a unique balance: while it provided me with the easy-to-read fiction I so enjoy, it also avoided the typical formula, throwing in additional storylines and characters which provided out-of-the ordinary twists that prevented my usually-correct predictions from coming true.

The story is centered on orphaned Rosamund, who finds herself serving in Queen Elizabeth’s court thanks to her cousin Francis, who is the Queen’s secretary of state. As the title suggests, Rosamund is a pawn, but not only in the games of her cousin. The reader meets many characters who use one another as pawns in their own games, whether they be personal or political.

Regardless of genre preference, most readers will get more than they expected when reading All the Queen’s Players. I enjoyed the read, and the additional subplots slowed down my ravenous reading pace; the book took me a weekend to read versus the one day it normally takes me to whip through most paperbacks.