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Picturing the Crossroads of Delmarva

Nov 10, 2010 06:22PM ● By Anonymous

They compliment these descriptions with a vast collection of vintage pictures in their book, Salisbury Maryland: Picturing the Crossroads of Delmarva. While the text, describing such ventures as cranberry bogs, turtle races and devastating fires intrigues the reader, the photos immerse the reader in Salisbury history.

Nunez’s local knowledge of Salisbury fueled by his life experiences combines with Dr. Hayes’s extensive writing career to produce Salisbury Maryland: Picturing the Crossroads of Delmarva. The chapter titles sport pithy subtitles specifically displaying the Salisbury and Eastern Shore dialect. Some of these subtitles include Movin’ On Up, Life Lessons and Book Learnin’, and The “Born Here’s” and the “Come Here’s”. This book is for those readers who know the town of Salisbury in some way. While it is still interesting for an Eastern Shore outsider, the book takes on a new historical magic for those who know Salisbury. Readers can make connections to the pictures within their own experiences, for most pictures have captions describing what street certain companies were located and what is presently sitting on the very spot pictured.

From Salisbury’s beginnings with European explorers who moored their boats on its shores in 1598 to its modern day chicken industry and shopping malls, this book covers more than a history, it documents an evolution. “With water comes the watermen, who are a dying breed. Just as factories, canning, shirt making, mill working and forestry nosedived, transit, education, healthcare, high technology and electronics swelled as big businesses.” The authors recognize this evolution and strive to preserve the little-recognized history of the area specifically because it is so different from what locals see in Salisbury today.

Picturing the Crossroads of Delmarva seeks to fill the void in the literary world that is Salisbury, Maryland with its 155 pages of historical photos and text accounts. This vivid collection explored Salisbury history with easy to read descriptions and narration. Purchase a copy of Salisbury Maryland: Picturing the Crossroads of Delmarva for $19.99 by visiting a local bookstore or looking online at