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Wendel Patrick Unleashes New Release

Nov 10, 2010 08:46PM ● By Anonymous

Having toured Europe in 2009 and catching the ears of XL8R, URB, and other influential publications, Patrick has put his sights back on Baltimore with the first single (and a video!) from the album. “THE CYPHER” features Saleem, Topix, and Eze Jackson, all emcees from Baltimore. Jackson is the voice of Soul Cannon, and Saleem and Topix have collaborated with Wendel Patrick in the past on several occasions.

“THE CYPHER”, as a video, honors Baltimore as one of its main characters, as the work of these artists often does. Placing the rappers in the studio as well as on the street (often cut side by side simultaneously), it puts animated faces to voices that lovers of independent hip hop are already familiar with. The track itself is but a glimpse of what’s to come on the album which, if it can hold a candle to Patrick’s previous effort, Sound:, will be a burner. Count me among those who cannot wait to score a copy.

Starting with a piano loop that puts a funky step on the classic Peanuts hook by Linus, “THE CYPHER” showcases some tight lines such as “I shoot with the rhyme millimeter . . .I guarantee that your favorite rapper you play next will sound a little weaker.” The track avoids the catchy hook that radio hip hop is known for in favor of something resembling a rap battle between the three vocalists handpicked by Patrick himself.

Here’s the video for “THE CYPHER” from the forthcoming album … …. Forthcoming (see how he did that there?):