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Lush Silk Stockings Product Review

Nov 22, 2010 06:57PM ● By Anonymous


We were sent two samples of the Lush silk stockings body tint, both soft, heart-shaped bars of what looked like shimmery soap. They were about the same size as a bar of hand soap, and smelled just as good. But the products are intended to be used like a moisturizer or body lotion, with shea butter and cocoa butter among the top ingredients.

One bar was the brand’s original silk stockings body tint, and the other was “black stockings,” a version of the product designed for those with darker skin tones. As I have fair skin, I opted for the original.

I waited for a day when the weather was warm enough to expose my legs, and shaved and moisturized as usual. Then, when I got in the office, I undid the raffia tie to the packaging of the silk stockings body tint and removed it from the plastic wrap. The bar felt just like a bar of soap; slightly tacky to the touch; almost like a solid perfume. On their website,, the brand instructs you to “Melt the solid body tint between your hands or directly onto your body. Once the colour is on, blend in with your hands for gorgeous coverage.”

In an attempt to avoid messiness as much as possible, I decided to melt it directly onto my skin, as opposed to melting it in my hands and then applying it. Once I had smeared the product onto my legs, I rubbed it into my skin. It glided on smoothly, but didn’t blend as easily as I would have thought. I was also surprised how faint the shimmer was—even when I had coated both of my legs, you could barely notice the shine.

Since I had already moisturized my legs when I stepped out of the shower, I’m not sure if the silk stockings really had much of an effect. I could see this product being useful for someone who doesn’t regularly moisturize, and who wanted to add a subtle glow to their skin. But for me, I don’t think this product makes sense in my daily regimen. If I were to use it again, I would blend it with my body cream in the morning and use it like you would a tinted moisturizer on your face (a blend of foundation and facial moisturizer).


  • Very subtle. This is a good thing if you have fair skin, like me.
  • Blends well—no streaks.
  • Smells nice. The original body tint features Lush’s hit Jasmine absolute fragrance, also found in their Fever massage bar. The black silk stockings contains cinnamon leaf oil and pimento berry oil.


  • Time-consuming to apply. Allow extra time in the morning.
  • Messy. I washed my hands after applying, and plan on washing off my legs before climbing into bed tonight. This product would be better if it came in some sort of roll-up stick (think stick-sunscreen applicator).

Doesn’t really help with evening skin tone—not enough pigment.