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Cibu Pho Finish Spray Product Review

Nov 22, 2010 07:31PM ● By Anonymous

Annapolis boutique firm, Chic PR, is currently working with the Far East inspired brand and provided the Pho Finish Spray.

Cibu (pronounced see-boo) touts the spray as, “an aerosol workable finishing spray with medium-hold that’s perfect for heat styling.” It’s recommended to use on dry hair before flat ironing or damp hair before blow drying. I opted to use it on my dry hair because I prefer a straighter, sleeker look… and my flat iron and I are inseparable.

I followed my normal hair care routine of shampooing, conditioning, blow-drying, and then began sectioning off my hair with clips for its Cibu debut. The product itself is a typical looking aerosol spray can with a removable cap that comes in two sizes; 1.5 ounces cost $6 and 10 ounces cost $15. I was using the smaller can and it felt like a travel size version, being that the entire can fit in the palm of my hand.

After rereading the directions that state, “Spritz on dry sections,” I lightly pressed down on the spray’s nozzle and found it very sensitive, which I think is great because the user is in control of exactly how much product is dispersed. The spray has a masculine cologne scent that was surprising and refreshing, because after all a girl can get tired of everything smelling like flowers and springtime. The outdoorsy aroma is attributed to extracts of bamboo that are supposed to aid in hair strength and moisture retention, while Rhatany root (a type of bark found in Peru) work to preserve hair color.

The product went on clear and I even gave it time to settle to see if any white flakes or buildup would appear and happily none did. Then, using a fine-toothed comb I guided the hot flat iron through each of the pre-sectioned areas of my hair after using the spray. The result? A smooth, sleek finish that had shine, structure, and volume all day long—in other words, I loved it! The spray actually cut down on the time it took to flat iron my hair because I only had to go over an area once, instead of two or three times, which causes damage, kills volume, and diminishes shine to locks.

Cibu says the finishing spray, “Creates runway-worthy drama to office-ready polish,” and I have to agree. The end result, hair health benefits, and easy application have me hooked.

• Flexible shiny hold that lasts all day.
• No messy buildup or flakes.
• Smells great.

• 1.5 ounce can seems too small for everyday use.
• Only sold online or at select salons.
• Allergies may be an issue—my M om kept sneezing when she would get a whiff of my hair

Interested in purchasing Cibu products? Check out Cibu’s website for retailer locations, as well as Chic PR’s website for online promotions.