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What's Up? Talks with TV Host Stacy London

Dec 08, 2010 10:31PM ● By Anonymous

The mall’s interior was transformed to resemble a chic New York fashion show for the two-day beauty and fashion event, which included complimentary consultations with professional makeup, hair and clothing stylists. The tour concluded with a live fashion show and style seminar hosted by London.

If you’ve been living a fashion faux pas and don’t know who Stacy is, the native New Yorker helps women to boost their confidence by creating and celebrating their personal style. She joined TLC in 2002 (as one of the co-hosts of What Not to Wear) after years of styling experience in fashion editorial for such publications as American Vogue and Mademoiselle. She’s worked with celebrities such as, Kate Winslet and Katie Holmes and consulted for designers Vivienne Tam and Rebecca Taylor. She supports the efforts of the American Cancer Society and the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation by providing makeovers for double-mastectomy survivors and sits on the board of 96 Magnolia—another cancer charity organization. Stacy lectures across the country about the connection between personal style and self-esteem. She has spoken at Oprah Winfrey's O You! Conference for the past three years and gave a keynote lecture on self-esteem at Harvard University in 2006. Her book Dress Your Best was published in 2005 to stellar reviews. She is a double-major alumna of Vassar College and currently resides in Manhattan with her cat and 300 shoes.

Our full interview with Stacy will be featured in an upcoming issue, but for now here’s a sneak peek of our exclusive chat:

You are best known as the co-host of the television show What Not to Wear, where for eight years you’ve helped transform participants from dowdy to dazzling. What message do you want viewers to take away from the show?

What we do on What Not to Wear is about self-esteem. I’ve found that there are real obstacles in the way women perceive themselves because of their age, weight or societal expectations. I feel like being in any position where you have a voice to get other people to listen has to be used for a greater good. So, viewers learn that style isn’t vapid and feeling good about themselves is the important thing.

Looking forward to 2011, what trends and collections do you foresee being popular?

The 70s are going to be huge in 2011. I think this spring is more interesting than fall, because designers created lots of variations and really experimented with their looks. It’s also the first time I’ve seen collections being a little more optimistic. As we are starting to pull out of the recession, it’s the first time I really felt like designers are having fun again, because their not just worrying about the basics that will get bought. They are enjoying designing and it really shows, because customers will have more choices in the marketplace.

If someone wanted to dress like you for Halloween, what components must be present to pull off an authentic Stacy London costume?

If someone ever wanted to emulate my style they would need three things: a pencil silhouette either in a dress or skirt, grey streak of hair and wicked high heels.

For more information about Stacy London or TLC’s What Not to Wear visit the official website by clicking here.