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With this drink, I thee wed: Our Signature Cocktails

Dec 16, 2010 09:29PM ● By Anonymous

Now I'm not saying I have any alcoholics in my group or anything, but our friends, well ... they like their cocktails. Even though we have a wonderfully priced venue, I wasn't willing to pony up the cash for people to order expensive drinks with pricey spirits. However, I was totally against doing a cash bar, and a dry reception—no way!

Enter the limited bar. I have no problems with people limiting the options for drinks at their weddings, as long as there is something spirited there. I went to one wedding where they served just wine and beer—and I was perfectly happy drinking chardonnay all night.

We decided to do something a little different, based on an idea I had seen long ago. We would have four signature drinks based on the old adage "Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue."


What exactly do I mean? Let me show you.

Designed by yours truly

These four drinks will be served along with house wine and domestic beers. While people won't be able to get whatever they want from the bar, there is a decent variety ... and it saves us money. Luckily, each of these drinks is just $4 a person — what a deal! (Considering my fiance paid $9 to buy me John Dalys at a piano bar in National Harbor last weekend!)

Just so nobody gets confused, two of the above drink menus will be framed and posted prominently at the bar. Of course, if anyone is just DYING for a gin & tonic or cosmopolitan, they are more than welcome to purchase it. However, everyone I've chatted with so far seems quite content with our bar choices.

Did you try to save money on your wedding bar? How did you do so?