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What's Up Magazine


Jan 04, 2011 05:51PM ● By Anonymous
929 West St., Ste. 208A
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: (410) 267-9390
Fax: (410) 280-3869

Publisher and President
Veronica Tovey - (x102)

 Managing Editor
James Houck - (x104)

 Director of Advertising Sales
Eileen Nonemaker - (x127)

Director of Digital Media
Michael Nguyen -

Creative Director
Linda Laing - (x110)

Weddings Managing Editor

Kelsey Casselbury - (x117)

Health and Special Projects Editor
Sarah Hagerty -

Food Editor
Kelsey Casselbury - (x117)

Events Editor
Karly Kolaja - (x129)

Associate Editor
Amy Russell- (x103)

Web Editor and Social Media Specialist
MacDuff Perkins -

Graphic Designers
August Schwartz - (x130)
Olga Stine - (x119)
Arden Haley - (130)

Real Estate Columnist
Lurdes Abruscato -

Contributing Editors
Home & Style: Renee Houston Zemanski
Music: Stephen Perraud

Consultants & Columnists
Ingrid Kohlstadt, Gilles & Kathy Syglowski

Staff Photographer
Tony Lewis, Jr - Website

Contributing Photographers
Cameron Adams, Steve Buchanan, Marilou Burleson, Don Dement, Jessica Earle, Larry French, Vince Lupo

Production Manager
Ashley Raymond - (x115)

General Sales Manager
Judy Buddensick - (x106)

WonderDeal Representative & Account Executive
Nancy Almgren - (x132)

Executive Assistant & Special Projects
Alexandra Bertrand - (x126)

Account Representatives
Maggie Jarboe - (x111)
Kathleen Stanton - (x107)

Account Representative/Specialty Publications
Kris Granata -

West County Coordinator
Kimberlee Jones -

Newsstand Circulation
Debbie Carta - (x116)

Event Production
Joanna Baker -

Frances Ayres - (x109)

Accounts Receivable/Collections
Tiffany Schall- (x121)