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Choosing a wedding hairstyle

Jan 06, 2011 08:40PM ● By Anonymous's not horrible. But I tend to have frizzy hair if not tames with a straightening iron first, so you can see how my hair looks dull and frizzy. Here's how it looked later that night after going out for a friend's birthday:

Ugh, it looks lifeless and sweaty and just generally not good. Can you believe I paid $60 for that hairstyle?

So I found another hair stylist. I even found one that was cheaper and would travel to the resort I'm getting ready at the morning of the wedding. Last Thursday, she drove up to my parents' house to try out the hairstyle again.

It didn't go so well — at first. While I was going for a frizz-free, sleeker look, the hairstyle just wasn't working with my hair. My mom suggested that perhaps this hairstyle just wouldn't work with my hair. In order to get the sleek look I wanted, a hair straightener has to be used. Once a hair straightener is used, my hair couldn't curl at the ends anymore.

My mom urged me to get an updo. I didn't want to because I feel much prettier when my hair is partially down. Then I decided on a compromise with my hair—I would forgo the curls to get the sleek look I want, but keep the braids up top. For a little more pizazz,

Luckily, the hair stylist was really accommodating and willing to try multiple hairstyles until we found one I liked. This trial was even included in the total cost of the wedding day package. But my experience really goes to show the importance of doing a hair trial, especially if you have difficult hair like I do. If I had just booked someone and shown up on my wedding day, I probably would have been in tears by the time of my wedding. While the hairstyle might not be my dream look — I really love those curls at the bottom — I know I'll feel pretty and put-together on the day of my wedding.