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Josh and Mathew Shockley: Creative Geniuses Behind PLB Comics

Jan 06, 2011 11:19PM ● By Anonymous

The Shockley brothers grew up on a diet on Batman, Superman, and X-Men comics. “We’ve been drawing since we were four and seven,” said eldest Shockley brother, Josh. They began printing in 2006 with the first issue of “PLB Comics Presents.” There are currently four issues with each containing five short stories. Recently they began another comic book series called “The Fall: Vengeance and Justice,” a spin-off from the “PLB Comics Presents” stories.

“The Fall” is a hero who was previously meant to be a villain. “We created The Fall in 2005,” said Mathew. “He was originally supposed to be a villain who had no powers and relied entirely on his physical strength.” However, he morphed into more of a vigilante hero than a villain. “He’s an antihero,” said Mathew. The focal point for this character was his mask, combination of a ghost and skull. His identity is never revealed because “we want to keep the readers guessing,” said Josh.

Josh and Mathew are just two guys with a passion for comics and their books definitely show that passion. PLB Comics is a “Do-it-yourself company,” said manager/head of promotion James Dufendach. Josh and Mathew write, draw, and ink every issue themselves.

What is the origin of the name PLB Comics? “Whatever you come up with is better than what we came up with originally,” said Josh.

A major reason for the growing readership is Dufendach. “I picked up their books and realized they didn’t have much press,” said Dufendach. “I’ve worked in marketing before and thought it would be a good project to tackle.” His help has done a lot for PLB to increase its readers. However their books are only available in two stores. “Our books are only sold here at Capital Comics and in a shop in Salisbury,” said Mathew. “But you can also buy them online,” interjected Dufendach.

Along with selling their comics, the Shockley brothers are generating an interest in comic book writing among children. “The comic book industry is focusing on the adult market,” said Dufendach. “We want to gear something towards the kids so this industry has a future.” To help the cause they are holding a free workshop about comic book writing for kids at the Wicomico County Library Centre Branch on Feb. 26 from 2 to 3 p.m.

Interested in reading their material? Head down to Capital Comics on Main Street and purchase a copy of “PLB Comics Presents” or order one at their website They plan on also doing another event at Capital Comics in addition to the event in February. Josh and Mathew have big plans for the future and even bigger potential. “There’s another series we’ve created whose first issue is coming out in late February, early March,” said Mathew. Keep an eye out for the newest issue released by PLB Comics.