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A Few Words about the Groom

Jan 07, 2011 09:30PM ● By Anonymous

The groom. Let's discuss him for a moment, shall we?


In Ocean City celebrating my 23rd birthday

There are a few things I would like my readers to know about him regarding this wedding.

— David is really popular. Everyone likes him. Every time I introduce him to someone new (say, for example, at this company's recent Christmas party), people rave about him to me the next day. It is for this reason that my fiance has — count 'em — 10 groomsmen. Even more than that, he can't get himself to choose a best man because he considers them all his best friends. I think it says something that all 10 guys are willing to take time off work and fly to Arizona for his wedding (and most of them are taking a full week off — even more than I'm taking off from work).

— David really likes to get a reaction out of me (and he knows just how to do it). For months, he told me he was going to wear a Mandarin-collar tux, knowing I envisioned a more traditional look for him. Sometimes this drives me nuts, but most of the time, it helps me take things in stride and react to things more calmly.

— David has never made me think there was anything less than a forever kind of future with him. Most guys would have been freaked out with my already-present love of weddings when they met me (working at The Knot can do that to ya'). Instead, David told me early on that I was the girl he wanted to marry, and let me gleefully think about details of our wedding before he put a ring on my finger. And let me tell you ... knowing in advance what I wanted has made planning this wedding much smoother.

Some other really important details about him: He tells really stupid jokes, which make me laugh (most of the time). He quit his job and moved to Annapolis from the Eastern Shore with me when I got this job, always telling me he fully supported my career. He's really tall—6'6", which is just about perfect for me, being 5'9". He dutifully eats everything I cook and has only complained once (that low-fat mac and cheese recipe wasn't a huge success). And, most of all, he's going to be a really, really good husband.