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Shoes and Men's Foot Health

Jan 10, 2011 09:01PM ● By Anonymous

Yes, but different problems. For one thing, most men don’t need an annex built onto their home simply to house their shoes. A couple of pairs of sneakers, loafers, and flip-flops don’t take up much room. But in the Annapolis area in particular, there are many corporate and governmental gentlemen who must dress the part. And part of the dress is a classic pair of good shoes. A good men’s dress shoe can be very expensive, but many styles are intended to last for years. Factoring in amortization, men’s dress shoes are a steal. Fit is the essential element in purchasing shoes you will wear for years. That may be why men’s shoe sizes are often more precise than women’s. A well-stocked shoe store will have a variety of narrow, medium, and wide widths available in men’s shoes. Toes should not be cramped, so a roomy, forgiving style such as a wingtip is very popular. These substantial shoes also provide excellent support which can be vital to not only a man’s foot health, but also to his back, knees, and hips. Get a good fit to begin with, and you may never need any of the pads, cushions, and inserts on the market.