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Classic Car Tips

Jan 11, 2011 06:42PM ● By Anonymous



Classic Car Tips

What Makes Classic and Antique Cars Collectible and Valuable?

Some Tips from George M. Walish, Jr. the founder and Chairman of St. Michaels Concours d”Elegance


Who was the car built for, who has owned it, what prestigious awards has it won, what prestigious race has it won ( Sports Cars ). What prestigious collection was it in?


Is it original, or restored to exact original condition,..not modified in any way?


Is it pleasing to the eye?

Prestigious brand of limited production

"One-Off " coach built cars being the most valuable.

Open Cars

Open Cars tend to be more valuable than closed cars generally,.. but the Bugatti Atlantic Coupe at this year’s show in St. Michaels is clearly an exception.

“ The combination of all these aspects are the Rembrant's, and Picasso's of the Classic car world,” says Concours D’Elegance St. Michaels chairman George M. Walish, Jr. These cars are “ true artwork, pieces of " Rolling Sculpture "