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Empty Nester Organization Tips

Jan 11, 2011 11:08PM ● By Anonymous

So what does a mother-of six, artist, and professional organizer do to adapt to these changing circumstances? Organize, of course! Its’ time to list new goals; evaluate current systems, then attack!

Streamline office and studio - It’s time for my big girl space. Admit to myself that, yes, I really have crossed over from business-mommy to qualified professional and business owner. Change all the make-do equipment and materials to something an organizer wouldn’t be ashamed to show off.

Simplify Traveling - So sad that you’re going, dear, but thanks for the closet space. Bring down luggage from attic and move to Peter’s closet, renaming it Travel closet. Pack toiletry kits and store in weekender bags. Good luck in law school, Pete.

Prepare for weekends - Dust off the picnic basket and keep a bottle of chardonnay chilled. Realize that a picnic for two is not the packing nightmare that packing for six ravenous children was. Gouda, crusty bread, plums and fun size M&M’s is all you really need. With GPS, we don’t even need a map anymore.

Adjust meal planning - (cooking for two or twelve) – Have a few simple menus for 8 ready to look up and learn how to purchase dinner for 12, because it’s really just about being together, right? Create simple 5- day menus for two. Also, become reacquainted with Thursday Happy Hour two-for-one specials and free appetizers; incorporate into routine.

Increase entertainment - Take responsibility for making our lives rich. Go back to reading the Entertainment Section and change the dry erase board title from Who’s Home for Dinner? to  What Should We Try That’s New?

Simplify gift wrapping and storage - They may be moving out, but my family is still growing. Take over the craft table in Julia’s room and create the dream wrapping station I’ve always wanted. Keep it mobile, ready for her return next June.

Make room for new baby - Make them comfortable, but not too comfortable. Commit to buying only travel bed, stroller, and infant seat. No bulky extras allowed. Must have new porch swing up by May. Can’t wait!