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Looking for a unique wedding gift?

Jan 21, 2011 06:39PM ● By Anonymous

See, I'm a lover of—I think we've discussed this before. I love to browse it all the time and look for ideas or products. Right before my friend got married in May, I came across The Painted House and More. This shop sells personalized wire hangers, which brides can hang their wedding dress on. I promptly bought one for my soon-to-be-married friend; the photo is shown above.


Could that be any cuter? This is one of her wedding photos, where she hung her wedding dress on the hanger displaying her soon-to-be married name. You can't really see it, but the hanger is painted pink. Her wedding colors were pink and orange.

The sad news is that I'm pretty sure my soon-to-be married name — mrs. Casselbury — would be too long for a hanger. However, there are other words you can purchase on the hanger, such as "true love" or "I do." Here's a super-cute pair of hangers for the bride AND the groom.

The hangers are $15 each, totally reasonable. I rarely show off one particular product in a post, but I think these make really unique gifts for brides. For the record, my only interaction with the owner of this store has been purchasing the hanger in May, so there's no personal stake in this — just the desire to show off one of the most unique bridal gifts I've ever seen.