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Adding Fleur de Lis elements to the Wedding

Jan 21, 2011 09:28PM ● By Anonymous
Some people asked — why a fleur de lis? I have a really good explanation. The fleur de lis is associated with royalty in France. When I get married, my last name will be Casselbury (like "castle"). Castle = royalty = fleur de lis.

No? Yeah, OK, I made that up after I had already chosen it. The truth is just that I wanted a little motif for the wedding that worked with the damask, and I liked the fleur de lis. (But I think my explanation works. After I say it, people go "ahhhh, OK." Then I admit it's total BS.)

I started by buying an address stamp for our save-the-dates that had a fleur de lis in the center.

For the record, this isn't our name or address.

I also included a fleur de lis on our save-the-dates, which you can see here.

Now the question is, how far do I want to take this motif? I have some great options. First, I just came across these place-card holders on

I adore these. However, my fiance and I decided a long time ago to do wine cork place-card holders. I think he's pretty stuck on these, so I'm not going to try to change it. (I'm kind of known for changing my mind when it comes to this wedding, and I get a lot of grief about it.)

There's also a candle that I really like, and as I mentioned before, candles are a big part of the ambiance of the day. However, this particular candle is $15 and I would want more than one. That's kind of out of the budget.

With 5 months left until the wedding, I'm sure I'll run into plenty more fleur de lis items. I've also seen bridal tank tops, paper punches, and envelope seals, as well. The key is—along with every other element of the wedding—not to overdo it and make it look tacky versus elegant.