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Stylish bridal wear

Jan 21, 2011 09:45PM ● By Anonymous

My first stop in my quest for this bridal wear was Victoria's Secret, which has carried plenty of cute bridal clothing and tank tops in the past. I found this:

Currently it's only available in the white, which I like. I would love to get my bridesmaids the black tank top; however, it's sold out. The tank tops are a little pricey—as Victoria's Secret tends to be—at $32. Let's see what else we can find.

David's Bridal is cashing in on the peacock feather trend by offering a feather-embellished tank top for $30:

Then we have the website Classy Bride, which I think gives the best selection that I've found so far. On this site are plenty of cute bridal tank tops that I could see myself wearing while I'm getting my hair done.


I think this one is my favorite, though.


It's amazing how many items you can buy with the word "bride" on them. If I wanted, I could do a full ensemble: Bridal flip-flops, sweatpants, tank top, hoodie, cap, underwear...the list goes on and on. However, the only other item I might consider is a bride bikini, which I would wear the day after the wedding when my fiance and I will finally have a free minute to spend by the pool at the resort. However, I'm not sure it's worth the expense (though I could wear it on my honeymoon, too).

Do you plan to wear any special bridal clothing on your big day?