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L.A. Punk Legend John Doe Visits The Shore

Jan 27, 2011 12:51AM ● By Anonymous

Saturday, January 29 – 8pm.  $30
Stoltz Listening Room – Avalon Theatre, 2nd Floor
Easton, MD 21601
Box Office: 410.822.7299

Infinitely cool, John Doe, the front man for LA bands, X and the Knitters, launched the west coast punk scene even while rejecting its dependence on power chords.

The musician and actor (you may recognize him from the Patrick Swayze classic Road House) performs in what should be a sold-out performance in the Avalon’s SLR on Saturday evening, January 29th at 8pm. Their Box Office can be reached at 410.822.7299, or online at writes lyrics with a message that would make Woody Guthrie proud and songs with meaty melodies that would makeJohnny Cash want to sing along. His solo work has pleased fans and critics alike, especially with his most recent album, A Year in the Wilderness -  a resonate, more mature collection of songs with a biting broodiness that updates, but never dilutes, his legendary early work.

Says Doe about Wilderness, “Sometimes it sounded like a Replacements', then a Velvet Underground record, then Blonde On Blonde...twelve-strings, six-strings, electrics, upright bass, big kick drums, pianos, organs, slides, floating & screaming voices. These may be the darkest moments recounted but you have to look inside to hear that, and in there is some of what happens during a year in the wilderness.”

Expect a little bit of wild in the Stoltz this Saturday evening, as fans of this co-founding father of west coast punk will surely be cheering and swaying in their seats to some both heated and cerebral acoustic sincerity.