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Curling, Skating, Molson, Eh?

Jan 28, 2011 09:38PM ● By Anonymous

Similar to Groupon, LivingSocial is a daily deal email sign up that informs the subscriber of restaurants and outings in the area. The most recent outing was titled “Canadian for Eh Night.” The outing consisted of three hours of curling competitions, broomball games, and a DJ’d free-skate dance party.  The ticket to this event also included tons of Canadian appetizers and three Molson beers.

Canadian for Eh Night was held at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel which is a three rink facility with a full gym, pro shop and café. Beyond the basic hockey and ice skating leagues, The Gardens Ice House also contains the National Capital Curling Center. Upon arrival, we signed waivers and headed to the café for our first free beer. While drinking our first Molson and munching on pretzels with Canadian bacon horseradish dip, we decided our plan of attack. 

We headed straight for curling and after a short wait our four-person team approached the ice. Being in sneakers, the freshly cleaned ice was not as slick as I expected, so sliding through the stone was harder than I anticipated. Curling is not as easy as it looks and out of two teams and two rounds, only one stone stayed in the bull’s-eye and unfortunately it was from the opposing team. Curling was fun, but we were ready for skating. After grabbing another Molson and some skates we headed to the rink. Skating was a blast and the DJ played a great mix of new hits and old school jams. With an hour left, we decided to enjoy our last beer and featured appetizer instead of waiting in line for broomball. Along with the Canadian bacon horseradish dip we enjoyed smoked salmon sandwiches, bouchees, and the featured appetizer of poutine, which are french fries covered in gravy and mozzarella cheese.

We left the night satisfied and accomplished. Being Canadian for a night was fun, but I was glad to return to America by midnight!  For more information, visit