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Latin Quarter Art Show

Jan 28, 2011 09:59PM ● By Anonymous

The restaurant venue may seem unconventional for an art gallery but The Latin Quarter owners, Jody and Gavin, gave the artists free range to transform the 2nd floor into a hip space that in addition to displaying art also featured live music and light refreshments. Most of the works were paintings that included diverse subject matter such as landscapes, animals, abstract patterns, and even a series of portraits of popular Bill Murry movie characters. Every artist sold works during the show and some have even been commissioned for future private projects.

What’s Up? had the opportunity to speak with artist Taj Vaccarella, who displayed 13 works and has an art studio in France. Vaccarella, 23, realized he wanted to be an artist at 16-years-old and has worked tirelessly to perfect his style of oil paintings, which is his main medium. Though he’s never taken a formal art class creativity runs in the family as brother, Brahm, is an actor and musician and stepmom, Martine Vaugel, is a world-renowned artist with pieces displayed as far as Japan and Mount Fuji. The majority of Vaccarella’s works have a positive energy, as he explains, “I create art to serve peoples inspiration and uplift their spirits.”
Looking forward, he shares that, “I have ideas for large scale outdoor installations that I’d like to collaborate with musicians on and I’d like my art shows to remain free to the public so that everyone can freely participate.” When asked about if he’d be interested in teaching art one day Vaccarella responded, “I’m too young, I’m still growing.”

Among the more than 20 art galleries and museums in Annapolis, The Latin Quarter definitely made its artistic impression on the community after this show that debuted Saturday, January 22.