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Catching the silliness of the wedding with a photo booth

Jan 31, 2011 10:32PM ● By Anonymous
The humor of the episode is that Chandler thinks he lost all the cameras and in an attempt to fix the problem before his new bride finds out, he and Ross try to recreate the photos. The bag full of disposable cameras ends up being located and Chandler is off the hook. I love this episode but more than that, I love the idea of disposable cameras. I love the old school, candid feel of disposable pictures and sometimes a wedding photographer might not be able to capture the less polished moments. Disposable cameras give the guests an opportunity to have fun and document their experience.

Planning a laidback, unconventional wedding, I knew that I wanted to be able to capture the uniqueness and playfulness of my wedding and my guests. Beyond disposable cameras, one idea that really stuck with me is having a photo booth. Photo booths catch those goofy, impromptu moments like a disposable camera, but in a more manageable way. The strip of photo booth pictures has that iconic feel like the Polaroid; it’s just fun.

I was completely sold on the idea after the Annapolis Bridal Expo, put on by What’s Up? Weddings at the Doubletree Hotel on January 9. I went to the expo with one of my best friends from college and being 5 months into my planning, I’m not going to lie—we were there for the wine.

After meandering around booths, we came to the Annapolis Photo Booth table and quickly hopped in line to get our picture taken. We wore boas, crazy hats, and made funny faces and came out of the booth like a bunch of middle school girls. We both left the expo with a ridiculous strip of pictures that I now have hung on my fridge like an A+ spelling quiz.

I see that photo strip and it makes me smile. It captured a dumb little moment I shared with a great friend, but I love it. Years from now, no one will remember the food, the centerpieces, or the cutting of the cake, but they will remember the great time they had with great friends captured in a little strip of pictures.