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Serious Fitness: Tough Love for Yourself

Feb 01, 2011 06:48PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Normally the way things go--a month into the New Year and if you’ve already broken the diet and exercise resolutions. Don’t despair, One expert says you can still get fit after the holidays. What it comes down to is mental toughness.

Steve Siebold, author of the book Die Fat or Get Tough; 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People, and founder of the free program, says it’s as easy as changing your thinking. Here are Siebold’s tips for those who want to get fit after the holidays:

  • You've screwed up in January, forget about it. If you’re really serious about making the transition from fat to fit, make the decision to stick with it this time.
  • Stop making excuses. Kids, work, snow, errands are not excuses for not working out. If you really want to get healthy, exercise needs to be at the top of the list—even if it’s only 20 or 30 minutes a few days per week. That’s all it takes.
  • Stop thinking about diet and exercise as a chore or an added burden in life. Start thinking about diet and exercise as the key to personal development and a longer, healthier life.
  • Create a vision board. Put up pictures of fit and sexy people whose body you really admire and when you get discouraged, motivate yourself by looking at the pictures.
  • Stop eating for pleasure and start eating for health. Fit people always ask the question, “How is this meal going to affect my health?”
  • Let go of your dieting failures of the past. Forgive yourself and focus on the future.
  • Realize there is no magic weight loss pill, potions or formulas. If you’re going to get fit you have to take responsibility and make it happen.

Siebold says it’s time to stop blaming outside factors like restaurants and the food manufacturers, and it’s time to grow up and get tough.

He is a former professional athlete, but a few years ago he got lazy and gained 40 pounds. He attended a wedding and people he hadn’t seen in years didn’t recognize him. That’s when he decided to get tough. He lost the weight and today is in the best shape of his life.