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Beyond Therapy

Feb 01, 2011 11:50PM ● By Anonymous

Attendees can expect to laugh alongside each other and with the actors on stage throughout the entire show, because it’s a hoot to watch as well as perform. The cast features three original members from BTC’s debut performance in 2002 and even several original audience members have confirmed their attendance.

In addition to Beyond Therapy, other shows will run in 2011 that range from political to quirky. The shows are chosen based on an internal review among BTC directors and staff that focus on, “Giving the audience variety, because some people want to come to the theater to be entertained and some want a more challenging, thought-provoking experience,” says Artistic Director, Janet Luby—who will be reprising the role of therapist Charlotte in this months production. “We like to cross-train and keep it interesting.” Being bound by Actors’ Equity (the labor union representing American actors and stage managers in the theater), BTC uses 50 percent union actors’ and 50 percent nonunion, so there is a fantastic range of skill and talent to scour when it comes to casting.

The show centers on lawyer, Bruce, and magazine writer, Prudence, who are a mismatched couple that met from answering each others personal ads in the paper. They begin dating and relay every detail of their relationship to their respective therapists—who have problems all their own. Bruce’s therapist, Charlotte, can’t recall names of things or patients, while Prudence’s shrink, Stuart, once seduced her and wants to resume the affair. A tangled web of hilarious plotlines and comprising situations arise as the foursome attempt to live “normal” lives. For more information, visit or call 410-268-1333.