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Monster Jam

Feb 01, 2011 07:21PM ● By Anonymous

On Friday night I scanned my closet for my monster truck graphic tee and met my friends at Carroll Station headed towards D.C.’s Verizon Center.  Although I have watched monster truck rallies on television, this was our entire group’s first live rally.  The event was split up into different truck competitions with a few ATV races and motorbike tricks.  The two different competitions are side-by-side and freestyle.  A panel of judges gave each truck a score of 1-10 which are compiled to determine the winner.  The side-by-side competition was split between wheelie and jump competitions.  These mini competitions were great because as the audience, you can act as a judge and rate the wheelies and jumps with your applause.  By applause I don’t mean a cute golf clap – you are expected to go WILD!  You cheer for the truck you want to win and you boo the truck you want to lose.  Monster Jam supporters are extremely animated fans.  The final freestyle rounds are interesting because every truck has a different routine and a different mix of jumps, wheelies, and spins.

Being at Monster Jam was exhilarating and loud.  I had a blast and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a unique yet awesome experience.  Our seats were high up which I would also recommend.  The closer your seats are to the actual arena, the louder it is.  To give you an idea, many people around us had brought head phones or ear plugs.  Be prepared for a wild ride!

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