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Pediatric Dentistry

Feb 02, 2011 10:21PM ● By Anonymous

“I wanted to thank you all for my past 18 years of positive and pleasant dental experience,” a former patient wrote recently. “It breaks my heart that I have to move on to a ‘big girl’ dentist. It almost makes me regret graduating from college. I can only hope that my new dentist will be as kind as you all have been…will always be grateful for never having feared the dentist.”

The practice, serving Anne Arundel County since 1983, has board-certified pediatric dentists, and has been the first dentist for thousands of children over the years, from their first visit, through the college years. Even families who have moved to Europe, Asia and elsewhere on the globe loyally return for their twice-annual checkups.“Parents have even called and asked if their kids could have a birthday party in our office!” said an astonished Dr. Tull. “We can’t do that, but it’s rewarding to know their children really like it here and feel comfortable.”

Why do patients (and parents) love this pediatric dental practice?

It starts with the first phone call. The person on the other end at Tull, Behling and Decere is cheerful, friendly and informative. Now, step inside the office. Sophisticated yet child-friendly, it has an instant, universal appeal. There is a built-in playhouse, toys and in-room movies. A vintage video arcade keeps the parents and kids busy—how long has it been since you played Pac-Man? As part of their practice philosophy, Drs. Tull, Behling and Decere encourage parents to accompany the child throughout the appointment.

Like many modern dental practices, Tull, Behling and Decere incorporates digital radiography, a form of X-ray that has reduced radiation and produces clear digital images. Instead of the traditional syringe used to deliver Novocaine, the dentists utilize the Wand, which is a computer-controlled local anesthesia device for a more comfortable experience. They also have a soft tissue laser for use in a variety of procedures.

Parents appreciate the time the staff takes to give oral hygiene instructions to every patient.  With an emphasis on prevention, all routine appointments begin with a review of brushing, flossing, and proper diet.

The practice provides comprehensive orthodontics and Dr. Tull is an Invisalign Preferred Provider—the clear, invisible braces. The dentists and staff offer an array of preventative services but, when there is a cavity, it’s filled with a tooth-colored, amalgam-free composite. Hospital dentistry is also available as all three dentists are staff members of Anne Arundel Medical Center.

As part of its educational outreach, a staff member visits many of the daycare centers, pre-schools and kindergartens in Anne Arundel County during the winter months, especially in February, Children’s Dental Health Month. If you would like to visit the offices of Drs. Tull, Behling & Decere Pediatric Dentistry, simply call 410-757-KIDS.


Drs. Tull, Behling & Decere

Pediatric Dentistry

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