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Annapolis Periodontics

Feb 02, 2011 11:06PM ● By Anonymous

Increasingly, the practice at Annapolis Periodontics has moved towards cosmetic dentistry rooted in the fundamentals of good dental health. “Having a pleasing smile is a big part of self esteem,” notes Dr. Odell, “getting our patients there and staying there is the work we do every day.” Periodontal disease is a problem even for people with seemingly excellent health. Unsightly gum recession, root exposure, and tooth mobility, are but signs of a disease that needs to be properly diagnosed, treated and addressed.

“We credit much of our success to taking the time to ensure that patients understand their diagnosis, the cause of their condition and the recommended treatment,” says Dr. Miele, who is now in her 10th year with the practice. “We have had amazing results in correcting a patient’s bite, working on pre-orthodontics, replacing lost gum, helping our patients establish positive dental hygiene habits, and reinforcing these habits during every visit.”

Dr. Odell trained in the emerging field of implant placement before starting the practice in 1993.  Today, Drs. Odell, Miele and Bly boast an impressive resume of training and experience in this constantly evolving area where specialization equates to results. Dr. Bly recounts, “In completing my residency in 2008, I realized that it was essential to join a forward looking practice with the experience and commitment to stay on the cutting edge of the techniques and equipment necessary to excel in this area.” She adds: “I couldn’t be happier to be working with patients and referring dentists who call on us for our expertise.”

While all three dentists enjoy the artistry involved in creating beautiful smiles through periodontics, they value building and maintaining relationships with patients.  “I enjoy our patients and being able to gain their trust,” says Dr. Odell. Dr Miele adds: “Earning the trust of our patients is the most rewarding part of what we do.”


Annapolis Periodontics

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