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McCarl Dental Group, PC

Feb 02, 2011 11:45PM ● By Anonymous

The McCarl Dental Group is comprised of Dr. Clayton McCarl, Jr; Dr. Jay McCarl, and Dr. David McCarl—all of whom completed their Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland Dental School, and continue postdoctoral training with prestigious instructors and advanced programs throughout the country. The McCarl dentists are active in their communities, volunteer regularly, and are proud to honor their grandfather, Dr. James W. McCarl, who started his practice in 1924 and was the first dentist in Greenbelt, Maryland. Today, the McCarl Dental Group offers expertise in traditional porcelain veneers and no prep veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges, Invisalign orthodontics, custom teeth whitening, minimally invasive and traditional dental implants, composite white fillings, dental hygiene, and periodontal treatment.

More than 70 percent of new patients to McCarl Dental Group are referred by existing patients who are delighted with their dental care. Five current patients have shared their success stories through their own words and smiles on the following page. These patients are a testament to the exceptional work and service that McCarl dentists provide.

“A smile is very important in the business world because it’s one of the first things a potential client, customer or coworker sees. I speak with a lot of crime victims in my line of work, and a warm smile often helps express concern and compassion when words seem to fall short. Thanks to the McCarl Dental Group, my smile is the last thing I need to worry about. I can focus on the person in front of me and help them find justice. The McCarl Dental Group is very professional and up-to-date on the latest technology, and best of all I didn’t have to travel the country looking for the best dentist. He was right in my backyard!” Karen Daboroski, producer of America’s Most Wanted

“I always hated to see my teeth when I smiled for pictures because they were so yellow. Even after trying different whiteners, I could not get them any whiter. Dr. McCarl recommended a veneer to repair a front tooth that was dark and said that my smile could be further enhanced by placing veneers on the other front teeth that showed when I smiled. I had porcelain veneers placed on six teeth and couldn’t be happier with my white smile now!"  Cecily Duda, elementary school teacher

“The dentists at McCarl Dental Group have removed the anxiety one typically experiences when going to the dentist. It is an established practice that truly gives you the feel of an ‘old-time’ family practice, but with current, state-of-the-art technology and dental practices. Over the years, my visits to McCarl Dental Group have become more than the routine patient-dental service provider relationship—they treat me like family. Thank you to all of the members of the McCarl Dental practice for helping me attain the smile that I always desired and making my dental care a friendly, comfortable visit.” Dan Dering, business executive

“Before my experience with the McCarl Dental Group, I did not like showing my teeth when I smiled. I am so glad I chose to enhance my smile through Invisalign, and I am pleased to have chosen the McCarl Dental Group for my dental needs. I now love showing my teeth when I smile, and especially love being photographed.” Jackie Oddoye, recruiter

“My smile became increasingly important to me as I started to speak publically, and appear on national television shows. It was not just a matter a vanity—it became a necessity for career advancement. After doing the Dr. Phil Show over a dozen times, I had some of my own material pitched to different networks, and was told my work was great, but my teeth and smile were not up to standards. After consulting with three dentists, I choose the McCarl Dental Group to do my complete mouth restoration. Dr. McCarl’s knowledge and confidence about the process of dental restoration was evident. It was a fair and realistic price for my veneers and crowns, and I could not be happier with my smile. My favorite compliment is, ‘They look like your teeth,’ and that’s exactly what I wanted.” Joani Gammill, RN and Board Certified Alcohol and Drug Interventionist

McCarl Dental Group, PC

Clayton McCarl, Jr., DDS • Jay McCarl, DDS • David McCarl, DDS

Millersville • 410-987-8800 • 8601 Veterans Highway, Suite 101, Millersville, MD 21108

Greenbelt • 301-474-4144 • 28 Ridge Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770

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