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Feb 03, 2011 02:52AM ● Published by Anonymous

After three years of tutelage under veteran Annapolis litigator Jerome T. May, Attorney Rodriguez-Nanney began the practice that is today The Law Firm of Annapolis.  A client, who has known her for many years, says that she is “como nosotros”, which means “like us”.


With such a perspective, Attorney Rodriguez-Nanney, and her Firm, speak firmly for her clients’ rights, so that they will be treated fairly under the laws of Maryland and the United States.  This zealous representation allows for the Firm’s clients to make educated legal decisions under what are often very difficult circumstances. Attorney Rodriguez-Nanney’s down to earth style and powerful advocacy has earned her the respect of her courtroom counterparts and has created a demand for the Firm’s services by many native-born Americans.

Attorney Rodriguez-Nanney believes that the spirit of philanthropy should be integral to the practice of law. This spirit is perhaps best understood by knowing that the origin of the word philanthropy is said to come from the Greek myth “Prometheus Bound.” Once upon a time, brutish human-like creatures lived in constant fear as natural forces and the god Zeus sought to destroy them. These creatures were finally freed from this fear when Prometheus brought them fire. The fire gave the beings light, warmth, and, most importantly, blind hope. This hope allowed the creatures to more skillfully use the power of fire. A cycle of hope building knowledge and knowledge in turn creating greater hope became the foundation for their newfound ability to feel compassion for their fellow beings, and defined their transformation into human beings.



The Law Firm of Annapolis salutes the spirit of philanthropy

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