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Helen E. Mrose, MD, PhD Bay Radiology

Feb 03, 2011 02:58AM ● Published by Anonymous

To understand that mission and—importantly—what that mission means to you and the many women undergoing mammography each year, read on. Your health may depend upon it.


Dr. Mrose received her MD and PhD from Yale University School of Medicine and completed her radiology residency and fellowship training at Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard). She has been director of Breast Imaging at George Washington University, Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore and the University of Maryland. Dr. Mrose has published in top radiology journals and presented her findings to elite scientific assemblies. In both research and clinical work, Dr. Mrose has been on the cutting edge in the field of breast imaging. Her particular interest has been methods of improving image quality and reducing radiation dose.

Although most radiology centers meet mandated minimal standards, obtaining the highest quality mammogram with the lowest radiation dose is very challenging. Breast cancers are often tiny, subtle and difficult to detect. Getting an optimal picture and an experienced interpretation of that picture is imperative. Dr. Mrose believes that performing breast imaging with both advanced techniques and special expertise is essential for finding breast cancer at its earliest stage, when it is curable—the goal of mammography.
Dr. Mrose is troubled that many women consider mammography just another “lab” test and assume it makes no difference where their mammogram is performed. Surprisingly few women ask who is reading their mammogram. While most patients seek subspecialists for medical care—for instance, addressing heart issues with a cardiologist instead of a general internist—they rarely know the specific qualifications of their radiologist. Radiologists are physicians who interpret X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CAT scan and nuclear imaging studies—of the entire body. Because the scope of radiology is vast and ever-expanding, some radiologists subspecialize to provide greater expertise and truly comprehensive care.

For example, Dr. Mrose has focused her practice on breast imaging and intervention. She is fellowship trained in breast imaging and has spent most of her clinical career in university medical centers where she has taught breast imaging to medical students and radiology residents. Dr. Mrose now brings her expertise to Bay Radiology, the only independently owned, dedicated breast imaging center in the Baltimore-Annapolis area.

Dr. Mrose warmly invites women to explore a different breast imaging experience. Women will enter Bay Radiology with full confidence in the credentials and commitment of the entire staff. Women can consult directly with Dr. Mrose, and will leave Bay Radiology with answers, not fears or questions. Dr. Mrose is passionate about quality and service, and is indeed, a physician on a mission. Thankfully, for women in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding area, her new journey begins here.




Helen E. Mrose, MD, PhD

Bay Radiology

537 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.

Severna Park, MD 21146





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