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Dr. Nancy’s HouseCall

Feb 03, 2011 09:06AM ● By Anonymous

As our baby boomers are aging and living longer, serious health issues can impact their mobility, such as dementia or physical disabilities, causing a greater need for the home visit. It can take a patient hours a day to get ready for a doctor visit because they often need help with transportation and just walking. Preparation for the visit, such as getting dressed, can also take a long time and just getting inside a vehicle can be tricky. Some patients may also have to sit in waiting rooms with sick patients nearby. And the waiting period may be longer than 15 minutes, or even hours at some emergency rooms. Having the doctor come to the home reduces the stress to that patient and their family and caretakers. Some patients will say that they have to do without their medications and medical care because they simply cannot get out. For practitioners who care for patients at home it is often a more gratifying experience because they know that they are helping on a broader level.


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