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Deciding on Bridesmaids' Gifts

Feb 03, 2011 05:00PM ● By Anonymous

I have my gifts (mostly) planned out, and they're somewhat tailored to each girl (with a similar theme running through all of them). Recently, I received a sample necklace from Citrus Silver, which they had hand-stamped with my name. I get a lot of samples of various items in the mail, and I don't blog about them frequently, but when I really like something, I have to mention it. I have worn this necklace practically every day for the past week, and if you can afford it, think it might be a beautiful gift for a bridesmaid.

But what are some other options?

I'm of the mindset that rather than choosing one gift and giving it to each of them that it's better to figure out what each bridesmaid would appreciate and put some thought into it. Think about her personality.

Is she a foodie? Purchase a magazine subscription to a great food magazine (I'm a big fan of Cooking Light and Cooks Illustrated) and include a bottle of great wine, gourmet coffee, or some fantastic spices from Penzeys.

Is she a fashion fiend? Well, the aforementioned necklaces or any other jewelry might suit her well. As would a great pair of shoes, a gift certificate to the mall, or a new handbag.

Is she a sports fanatic? The Pink line from Victoria's Secret has adorable sports gear in most of the NFL teams and plenty of colleges. I really wanted to get each of my bridesmaids a pair of sweatpants from their Alma mater, but darn Victoria's Secret doesn't yet carry items for the University of Maryland. (Sorry, Jenny!) If sports = fitness, how about a new set of running gear?

..or anything from Etsy. I'm pretty sure I've discussed my love for Etsy before. It's the perfect place to find personalized gifts. Type in "bridesmaids," and you'll come up with a range of options, from clutches to jewelry to wine glasses.

I happen to think I have a winning combination for bridesmaids' gifts ... stay tuned until after the wedding to find out what they are!