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Randall H. Hiers, DDS

Feb 04, 2011 05:12AM ● By Anonymous

What a blessing to be able to take a moment to share what we believe are the cornerstones of this practice. We are large enough to serve you, but small enough to care deeply about your needs. You see, it really doesn’t matter how long it’s been since someone’s last visit to the dentist. It doesn’t matter if they fall somewhere between being “a little afraid” to “terrified” of receiving dental treatment. It doesn’t even matter if their time is limited or their financial resources are of concern. Today, with the technological advances in dentistry that we have available, from a simple filling to full mouth reconstruction, it can all be accomplished very efficiently and comfortably with minimal commitment of time and effort.


Digital radiography (X-rays), lasers, cerec machines (same-day crowns), implants, and the advent of sedation can all be woven into a plan that minimizes time and maximizes outstanding results that are reflected in a dazzling smile that is functional—enabling you to eat what you want and have the confidence you want as you interact with your family, friends, and peers.

Honestly, if I told you the first thing I thought of each morning was my teeth, I wouldn’t be telling the truth. “Life”—everyday living—tends to get in the way. But, when you are ready—we are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

I believe my primary goal is to inform you of every option that is available to you—to listen to what you want to accomplish and to give you an honest assessment of how it can be achieved. Treatment can be planned into those areas that are of an immediate nature, that which is deferrable, and finally, treatments that are cosmetic in nature. The question is simply where on that continuum do you want to be? What is the best treatment for you within your financial constraints or budget? On the other hand, you may desire a standard beyond your current level of financial ability—then the treatment can often be altered into phases that can be achieved over months, or even years.

The possibilities are endless—they only require time and effort to maintain, and the desire to achieve them. We offer a range of services that enable us to treat the majority of cases “in house” without referral to specialists—from placement and restoration of implants to oral and IV sedation services—we are here to serve you with honesty and integrity.

Because these services are performed in our office by myself, my associates and/or staff, it gives me a larger share of the responsibility for the treatment you receive—it also enables me to “guarantee” the long-term results as long as maintenance is performed regularly and guidelines for care are met. Join us for a lifetime of oral health. —Randy Hiers



Randall H. Hiers, DDS

17 Franklin Street, Cambridge, MD 21613